Running DC on a DCC Layout

Russ Norris

Some of you know that I have a standard (HO) gauge loop that runs in the background behind my EBT narrow gauge railroad.  It is a kind of moving backdrop that connects with the dual gauge yard in the fictional town of Blacklog.  I had an HO gauge Bowser GP-7 with sound pulling a long line of coal hoppers continuously while the real action is in the foreground with my EBT operation.  Well, the GP-7 gave up the ghost this week, and my work bench is already full of bad order equipment I am working on.  In the meantime I wondered how I could run the standard gauge train without a working locomotive.  Then I remembered all those old DC engines in a display case on the wall.  They were beautiful but hadn't been run in maybe 15 years.  But what the heck!  I disconnected the loop, which runs on its own power circuit, and connected it to an old MRC power pack.  Sadly, not all my old DC engines were up to the job, but a pair of Kato RS-3s revved right up with incredible pulling power.  I even played with MU-ing the RS-3s just for fun,  Here are links for some videos I posted on You Tube showing the two engines working in and around the town of Blacklog on my layout.

I was so pleased with the look of these two early diesels I am thinking of adding decoders and running them as a regular consist.  Not sure if there is enough room inside of them for a sound decoder and speaker, but a small mobile decoder should fit.
Russ Norris, MMR
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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