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Thanks for the info everyone.

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The early "fix" for the motors was to give a shot of straight 12v to the motor.  I found this to be at best, a temporary solution.  Since I didn't have a layout for many years, it wasn't a problem.  But, when I started my layout two years ago, it was worse.  When, I disassembled the loco (again), and applied the 12v, the best the motor would do was maybe 1/2 speed with wisps of smoke rolling out.  So, I called Blackstone.

IF you have issues with the motor, contact Josh at BS.  For $29.95 (a year and a half ago) I got the replacement motor with the optical censor AND gear box assembled.  You will have to remove the boiler, and a couple of screws to replace the assembly.  Honestly, removing the boiler is the toughest part of the process.

Attached are pictures of the motor assembly.  Good luck!

Rob Bell
Modeling the WP&YR in
Waynesville, NC




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