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That was the thrust of my inquiry. Has the industry standard changed? And taking this a bit further, assuming Blackstone releases a new car (and I have no knowledge that that is the case) would they stick with the 714 as before?

The reason for my inquiry is that while I own a semi-stupid amount of HOn3, I am not currently actively modeling in the scale and wanted to get the thoughts of those who are. While I don’t know of anything specific, (so don’t get excited) I assume that at some point in the future, Blackstone, Micro-Trains (or whoever buys that tooling) or some new player in HOn3 is going to be asking themselves this question, and wanted to have an answer in my mind should I be asked.

Chris Lane - Editor HOn3 Annual

On Nov 7, 2019, at 12:51 PM, Mark Kasprowicz <marowicz@...> wrote:

Blackstone considered Sergents but realised #714's are regarded as industry standards and that was an insurrmountable barrier.

Mark K

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