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Ric Case

After installing around ten sets my thoughts are you either do all of your cars or none! 
I find even though they mate well,they really don’t like to couple readily. I am using Blackstone trucks and the cars like to roll away from instead of couple to each other! The 705 cars seam to couple well and the same thing with the714 cars.
They play together but not extremely well!
The 705 coupler is a nice product but the expense of converting 200 plus cars is way to prohibiting.
Maybe if I could hit the lottery.
I still have another ten pair to install for more ongoing testing!

Ric Case 
EBT Modeler 
Hamilton Ohio 

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705  I like the metal Knuckle and spring

Bill Miller

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Comrade Train Enthusiasts,
Now that the Kadee 705 have been out for awhile and we've had a chance to play with them, I have an informal polling question.
If someone were to offer a new ready-to-run car as we've seen from Blackstone or Micro-Trains, which coupler would you want it to come with: 714 or 705s?
Do NOT say Sergents.
Chris Lane

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