Re: Kadee 705 box dimensions

Bill Lugg

Thanks for the heads-up, but unfortunately they are about 31" short for my application.  I'm looking to build a 39-SC-3 whale back tender for an SP NG #1 (NCNG #9) I've got.  The frame is pretty simple; built up of four pieces of channel, bolsters and end beams, with other bracing (bar stock and rods) mixed in. I'm going to explore 3D printed and cast end beams and bolsters and I've built most of a model for the oil and water tanks to be 3D printed.

We'll see where it goes.

Bill Lugg

On 10/8/19 8:26 AM, Brian Kopp wrote:

Bill I certainly would not want to discourage your creativity but I am starting to build a couple 1879 HOn3 era tenders and decided to be lazy and use the PSC tender frames. TJ Model Trains had them in stock last month. It is PSC 31516 if you are interested.....

Forgive me if you were already aware of them....

Brian Kopp
Jacksonville, FL

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