Re: Kadee 705 box dimensions

Bill Lugg

Thanks folks.  I looked on their web site, found the PDF for the 705 and completely missed the box dimensions.  I guess I need to perfect my use of the scroll wheel on my mouse.

Bill Lugg

On 10/8/19 4:20 AM, Art D3 wrote:
Directly from the Kadee website:

*#705 Metal Coupler Features:*
Material  -   Metal
Shank Length  -   Medium (7/32") (center hole to back of coupler head)
Coupler Offset  -   Centerset
Head  -   Scale Head

*#705 Snap-Together Gearbox Features:*
Material  -   Insulated Plastic
Lid Type  -   Snap-Together
*Dimensions* * -   23/64"L x 15/64"W x 7/64"H*

*Mounting Specifications:*
Mounting Height  -   11/32"
Centerline  -   9/32"
Trip Pin Height  -   1/32"
Center Hole  -  00-90 Screw. (Screw length will vary) no less then 3/16 length.

Art Dutra
Meriden, CT

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