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Jim Spencer

Just to add to the “mix”, I sent an e-mail to Jack Vansworth (Division Point) suggesting that while he is doing the K-37s, why not also do the C-41s from which they were built?  There were about 45 of them originally on the Rio Grande (not counting the C-40s and C-39s that were very similar) and they lasted up until 1950.  

His response was they are planning to do the C-48s instead. [That’s actually very good news.]  He commented that the “C-41’s were a little early for most guys.”  

But if there is interest by this group in C-41s, albeit standard gauge, maybe some of you can comment.  C-41s have never been done.


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I managed to get 3 of the DP K-27s 454,456 green boiler and 461 RGS and 3 of the DP K-28s 473, 474 green boiler and 478. I also have 3 of the cabeese that they produced around the same time.

Say what you will about the cost, but these engines look and run beautifully. They glide over the rails like silk and have all wheel pickup. They even have head lights and marker lights.

Since the PBL engines are coming in at around $2200, I am guessing that the DP will be around the same. They use O'l Bills drawings.

Bill B.

James G. Spencer, Architect, AIA 

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