Re: Source for brass channel

Bill Lugg

Yes, the 0.125 channel would work, but the difference in height would be obvious as the side sills are supposed to be narrower than the height of the end beams by a bit.  Your idea to rip a square tube might just be worth considering if I can find one.  If figure I could cut it to rough length first and then rip it.  I'm just not sure I've got the tool to do the job.  Dang, I might have to buy a new tool.  ;o)

Bill Lugg

On 10/6/19 2:51 AM, Brian Kopp wrote:
With 10% error, can you make the K&S 0.125" channel work?

Two other brass tube sellers are Albion and Trumpeter Tools. I am not sure they make channels though....

However a square tube *carefully* ripped down the center might work (not that I have the skill for such things....)

Brian Kopp
Jacksonville, FL

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