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I had Doug Junda (one of the San Juan owners) at my On30 meeting at the NNGC and he was entirely frank about how things are taking longer in all aspects of the business than they had planned. Getting the machinery running to mold parts, especially the former Grandt machines, required all new wiring, motors and hydraulics. Because the machines had been in the same location for many, many years, the move to Colorado was really tough on them, and they found that replacing a part that had been stressed in the move, resulted in other parts of the machine failing, costing time. And obviously production. They ae moving the ball down the field and he asked the guys present for some patience as they get all the aspects of the company running smoothly and at capacity.

Regarding China, the government was changing policies there that was negatively affected production and delivery of models for all companies even BEFORE the trade issues came up, so everyone is trying to deal with that, including San Juan. I’d say watch their ads for updates on delivery schedule, based on what they are hearing from their builder.

Chris Lane - Editor HOn3 Annual

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China issues.

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