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I like miliput (fine). You have to Mix the two parts but so easy to work with.

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While on the topic of grab iron installation, I've noticed that some ready-to-run models feature grab irons that appear to extend a bit too far out from the sides of the car, giving a nice model a sort of porcupine look.  To check this out, I measured the stand-off or the gap between the grab irons and the siding on the car on D&RGW box cars and stock cars in Chama and Durango and found the distance to be 2.5 inches.  The 1919 Car Builders Dictionary notes that the Interstate Commerce Commission also set that as the minimum distance as well.  That comes close to being .029 inches in HO.  I model in O scale making the distance on a model about .050 inches.  I have a piece of .050 styrene that is narrow enough and long enough to slip underneath all the grab irons on a car end, then press them down against it to set them all to the correct stand off before removing it and applying ACC.  

Grab iron material on the D&RGW cars were 5/8" in diameter or .625" which comes to about .007" in HO.

Dick Patton

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