D&RG early 2-8-0

Brian Kopp

Has anybody looked at the C-16s on the market with  the thought of creating one of those first 56,000 pound Baldwin 10-24Es that the D&RG bought? Apparently none survived until reclassification or we might have had a C-14 or 15.......

 A little short-lived narrow gauge railroad called the Silver City, Deming and Pacific apparently got 4 of the D&RG 10-24Es right from the factory. The D&RG spec sheet even says  to paint AT&SF on the 4 tenders (The SCD&P was bought by the AT&SF in 1884).

I was thinking about a little HOn3 shelf layout for this 60 mile desert railroad between Silver City and Deming NM. I could put a C-16 on the layout but I would like to find the best one (most early looking one?) to mimic that slightly earlier class.

Brian Kopp
Jacksonville, FL.

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