Re: Drill bits for Grab Irons



Thanks for suggesting Unique Master Models. John Vojtech is an excellent modeler and great to do business with. I an using one of his scribes (SCR02) to clear the remnants of the door protector strap on the Railline box I'm working on. It's perfect for clearing the scribed siding groves. This car is a great big salvage job. Prior owner started car by drilling huge, crooked, misaligned grab iron holes. I'm trying to square up, fill up and improve the grab iron mounting holes.

The other tool from UMM I love is the JLC saw. Excellent for styrene. Makes Xacto and Jeweler's saws results look like chain saw cuts. Great for post assembly cuts.

Pulled the trigger on #83 and #86 jobber bits from Drill America (via Homely Despot). We will see.......

Dusty Burman

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