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We usually make sausage at the end of January,  or the first week of February.  We need cold weather, so the meat stays cold.  We make it in my cousin's garage. Not the 3 car garage, but the two car garage that a car has never entered.  It has a 4x10 for table, with a 1" thick seal healing nylon top. It also has a deep sink, stove, refrigerator and a resin coated floor.

When we make the sausage, we leave the garage door open, so it gets very cold.  In fact, you cannot feel your fingers as we cut up the beef and pork for the sausage. 

We did not make it this year, as many had a good supply in their freezers. Hell. We had 50 pounds and were out in October.  


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Also a great idea, nearly did it myself as it is quite logical. Unusual? Heck this is model railroading- NOTHING makes sense.

Still making great Italian Sausage?


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