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Great way of doing it.  I am not using panels, but have the schematic in the fascia board of the railroad, with the toggles in front if the turnouts.  As you walk along, you throw the turnouts, without reaching into the scenery, structures and telephone lines.

I added LED lighting to the back side of the fascia, which hangs 1" below the bench work framing, to light the levels below each shelf.

Strange layout, 24 feet long, 6 feet wide. 12" shelf on one side, with a 24" wide shelf on the other.  Three levels with stacked helices on o e end of the room.



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Date: 8/18/19 10:54 PM (GMT-08:00)
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I simply used a one amp 12v - 0v - 12v transformer, a couple of diodes 1N4001 (I think) and wired the outputs as 12volts - 0v - MINUS 12 volts. The 0 v is common and goes to one power terminal all the point motors. The two 12 volt supplies are wired either side of a single pole double throw switch with the output going to the other Tortoise power terminal via a pair of reverse wired LED's which automatically lights up the way the turnouts are pointing and can also be used for signalling. I like it because it only uses one wire from the control panel to the Tortoise and none of that fiddly cross wiring at the back of switches. It's option 4 on the Circuitron instruction sheet.

I have 22 switch motors in circuit. Nothing gets even warm.

Mark K
Oxford England.

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