Re: Tortoise Power Supply

Mark Kasprowicz

I simply used a one amp 12v - 0v - 12v transformer, a couple of diodes 1N4001 (I think) and wired the outputs as 12volts - 0v - MINUS 12 volts. The 0 v is common and goes to one power terminal all the point motors. The two 12 volt supplies are wired either side of a single pole double throw switch with the output going to the other Tortoise power terminal via a pair of reverse wired LED's which automatically lights up the way the turnouts are pointing and can also be used for signalling. I like it because it only uses one wire from the control panel to the Tortoise and none of that fiddly cross wiring at the back of switches. It's option 4 on the Circuitron instruction sheet.

I have 22 switch motors in circuit. Nothing gets even warm.

Mark K
Oxford England.

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