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Mike Conder

That would work really well, and could handle 300 Tortoises by my calcs.

Mike Conder

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I have a couple of chargers for old cordless drills.  Amps are plenty, but output is a little high.  Need more than 12 volt output to charge a 12 volt drill. I have a lot of chargers and warts around. 

Have run the switch bus around the railroad and need to check the drop at various positions.  Machines are on two of the three levels, but the run is about 150 feet.

I have an old MRC Control Master X (10), which puts out 5 amps. I could use that, as the railroad is DCC operated.  Might be my best option.



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Al, Circuitron says that the Tortoise takes 15 mA per unit at stall (I.e., most of the time) with 12V input.  So a 500 mA wall wart should handle about 30 machines safely.

I assume the current needs may go up at lower voltages, or just slower operation as mentioned above.

BTW, a moving Tortoise only requires 4 mA.

Mike Conder

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