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Bill Lugg

I built a power supply using two transformers and bridge rectifiers (there might be some other components in there - my Dad, the electrical guru helped me with that) and I tied the + of one to the - of the other like the Tortoise instructions show in diagram 2. So, I've got a common and a + and a - leg coming out of the power supply.  I then run bus wires around the layout similar to the DCC bus, but not twisted.  When finished, I'll have about 55 machines fed from a 12 VDC, 2 amp (guessing here) power supply.  I connect the machines via 20 AWG wire soldered to the bus run to Molex edge connectors at the Tortoises.  I use liquid electrical tape to cover the connections.

Bill Lugg

On 8/18/19 6:04 PM, asandrini wrote:
Just wondering what power supply people are using to operate their Tortoise machines.

What is the voltage output?
How many amps?
How many machines does your power supply operate? Are you using g more than one power supply.

I am going to have about 40 machines when I am through, unless I convert the ground through turnouts on the lower of three levels. If I did, that would increase the machines bay another 25.

Thanks for the help,

Big Al from Cal

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