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Russ Norris

I also use wall warts, but in conjunction with Touch Toggle controls that give me a colored LED indicator.  I can run up to 8 Tortoise machines with a set of Touch Toggles operating off a single wall wart.  Right now I have 16 machines hooked up this way, and I am starting to tackle the main dual gauge yard that will run another 16 machines using the same method.  I make a simple control panel from an inexpensive picture frame bought at the local craft store.  I print up a copy of the track plan and press in against the inside of the glass. The Touch Toggles are mounted behind the paper track plan with double sided sticky tape. Then I use cotten batting to hold everything tight against the glass and put screw a wooded back on the frame. The frame mounts on the layout fascia and presto!  To throw the switch I touch the light on the panel and magically it changes color as the switch moves. 

On Sun, Aug 18, 2019 at 9:09 PM Doc Bond <boomer1944@...> wrote:
I use wall wart's... old cell phone charger, electric shaver, remote landline phone, kids disc player... anything that gives me 9 volts output dc or better. Amps... all less than 1 amp. I use one for each tortoise. I only have four on my layout... all operated from panels on the fascia with toggle switches.

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