Re: Divisionpoint K-36 & 37 pre-wired for DCC?

Mick Moignard

Mine (a -36, 481) was a a pure DC loco on arrival.  Bulb head and tail lights, LEDs in the markers and number boards.  I think the cab light was also a bulb, but I didn’t perpetuate that.  It also has a steel! Boiler weight that extended into the smoke box.  I cut a chunk off that to make space for the speaker, and added extra weight beside the gearbox to make up for it.  

Mine does indeed now have DCC and sound, (TSU1100 in tender), LEDs all round, a 15mm square Minebea motor and now weighs 340grams.  Pulls well, mechanically silent.  Few issues tho, like the combination levers are too long and the weld seam on the tender side is missing.  One day I’ll do a complete write up on it.


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