Re: Installing 705’s on loco pilots.

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Why in the world did Division Point do such a lame thing? (that's a rhetorical question. no need to answer). They could have put a Sergent Sharon pilot coupler in the pilot with far less effort than the time it took to modify a 714 like that.  It makes one wonder what that thought process was like. Lets design and build a super detailed model and then stumble over something so simple. 

Now that we know that the 705's will readily mate with the Sergents a lot of possibilities open up.

I know 2 people that have shortened, drilled and pinned the shanks of the new 705's on pilots of HOn3 loco's. They are both very happy with the results. One should not forget that none of the prototype equipment has self-centering couplers. Coupler centering there was and is all done by hand. So, self centering or not. This little coupler is a wonderful addition to the world of HOn3!

On the down side. I got this through a back-channel pipeline. But I trust the source implicitly. These new couplers have 3 production problems at present. The coupler injection mold at present is a one-off mold design. Meaning, that only one coupler is made with every injection shot. This will change but not overnight. The other 2  problems are with the 2 different springs used. They are so tiny that Kadee does not have an automated production machine that can make them. The are (as I am told by my source) being made on a manual spring winder. (whatever that is). So supplies will be limited for a little while until production can ramp up. 

What this all means is. If limited amounts of individual customers scoop up great handfuls of these early productions, the overall market at large will be starved for product. 

I think Kadee is pretty aware that there is a lot of public dismay in HOn3 land, going back many, many years over the shortcomings of the 714 coupler design.

We now have a fix to the lions share of those problem if we can all be patient long enough to get our hands on some of these nice little couplers.



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Drilling holes in KD 58 shanks is what I’ve been doing for loco pilots for years, so I’ve been hopeful that the 705 would be amenable to the same treatment.  Way better looking than an entire 714 box attached to the pilot, and also better operating than the damfool idea that Division Point used on the new K-36 of drilling the two halves of a 714.  It might have given a coupler on the front beam, but it was one that didn’t work because it couldn’t close around the other coupler.


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