Installing 705’s on loco pilots.

Ed Tibbetts

so far I’ve converted my K28 and C&S 2-6-0 to 705’s. The K was easy. I made a brass box, soldered to the pilot beam that a 714 with box would fit. I had to slightly narrow the 705 box to fit, and it went right in. The C&S was more of a challenge! 
I took the coupler out of the box, cut off the back of the shank, and drilled the shank .022 for a mounting pin. I needed a shim under the shank, and that took many false starts to get it right! This one does not self center, but is much improved over the 714 pinned with nothing to keep it closed. Many unintentional uncouples backing😒 pictures in Photos Kadee 705

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