Re: More progress on the 20x46

Bill Lugg

Looks good.  Remind me of what part of the country you live in?  It looks like AZ or NM.

So, I assume the existing layout is in the "grey" building, right? Is that back wall going to come down then (replace with posts for load bearing support) or are you going to come through the door with track...or something else entirely?  And I assume you had to pull permits to do all this?

An interesting side story: I know a contractor who builds houses in El Paso and Elbert counties in Colorado.  He recently told me he paid $12K just for permits, excluding well and septic permits to build a house of I believe about 4K square feet in Elbert county. $7k of that was a fee for impact to road for hauling building materials to the work site.   He said the same permits would cost about $4K to $5K in El Paso county.

Just curious...
Bill Lugg

On 7/28/19 11:53 AM, Steve Hatch wrote:
Finished with the floor joists. Now the T&G floor sheeting. Right there in the back of the truck.
 Don't have to pack these very far at all.

Stephen Hatch

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