Re: KADEE 705 couplers WAS_Any narrow gauge news from the NMRA National Convention


Kadee HOn3 #705 Coupler
My conclusions after many tests

The Coupler #705 can only be used with its housing.
Any installation in a different housing is almost impossible because of the centering system.

I installed the coupler on two vehicles by adjusting perfectly the height of the coupler and the uncoupling rod.

705/705 tests
The coupling can only be perfectly aligned.
Uncoupling on a permanent magnet is very difficult, if not impossible !
Uncoupling on an electromagnetic uncoupler is just as difficult !
The horizontal part of the uncoupling pin is too short and the spring of the knuckle is too hard !
Once uncoupled, delayed uncoupling is random, knuckles do not open enough.

705/714 tests
The coupling is possible with a small misalignment.
Uncoupling on a permanent magnet or an electromagnetic uncoupler is impossible,
the uncoupling rod of the 714 pulls the two couplers on the same side !

In summary, I continue with the good old #714 that works perfectly, although it is less realistic than the #705.

Let's hope Kadee does not stop production of #714 ...

Sincerely, ~JES~

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