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Doug Cummings

Generally speaking in the real world (prototype) it was the switchman or whoever was doing the switching work who would center the coupler to align it for coupling. 

I never saw a coupler that would center itself. Often whoever was doing the uncoupling could/would realign the coupler. 


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I agree about self-centering couplers not being prototypical. I use Sergent couplers and they don't self center and they work just fine for me. But, there are people in our HOn3 community who's entire coupling experience is ruined without a self-centering coupler.

 I have found that you simply can't please everyone on the coupler issue in HOn3. I for one dislike just about everything about Kadee 714's. This dislike goes back almost 50 years. I dislike the box they go in, the space it needs, the split shank, the slinky effect in a train of cars and the fact that they make you butcher a locomotive pilot to get one in there! It has not helped that they were the only automatic coupler show in town for most of those 50 years.

As to your plastic shim idea. Yeah sure why not. except... The 714 coupler box is made of an engineering plastic. Celcon I think. These plastics resist cements and glues. So what would you glut it with? It's said that Dr. Mike's has a version of CA that will glue to Delrin. This might include Celcon. But, I have no experience with their products. It would probably be far easier to glue the shim to the bottom of the coupler shank. Or shim it with washers like I said before. 

So the quest for HOn3 coupler nirvana goes on. I Just happen to like to experiment and hopefully help others in the process. But, observations, actual facts and conclusions are important parts of successful experimentation.   

Dale B

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Re: Shank thickness/droop: Can't you just glue a strip of styrene to the coupler box or lid? I'm not concerned abput losing the automatic centering, which is unprototyipical anyway, as m pluch as the droop and causing coupler height issues.
Nathan Kline
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