Re: WP&Y pilot

Robert Bell

I do not believe that PSC ever offered the pilots separately.  I have two of the "trailing" units and need the plow pilot.  I just recently started to scratch-build one.  
Several years ago on the whitepassfanlist on yahoo, some of the other guys proposed getting PSC to make a run of the plows and to my knowledge nothing happened.
That being said, are you looking for the plow or the trailing pilot?

Rob Bell 
Waynesville, NC 

On Wed, Jul 17, 2019 at 5:17 PM, Sean
<Cndrsean@...> wrote:

Anybody out there know the PSC number for the HOn3 WP&Y diesel that had the “Switching/yard Pilot” I remember seeing it in the two motors set you could buy when they came out (20years ago+) I bought the single motor but it didn’t come with that additional pilot.
Sean L McCarthy

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