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If you have actually worked on real railroad cars you realize that "coupler bounce" happens on the real cars. The springing in the coupler draft gear is used to absorb coupling impact both in and out. Each car coupling has some give both in the jaws and in the springs that mount the coupler in the body. The 714 have too much give ( Bounce ) but to be correct models of real couplers they do need some bounce but looking at the 715 in a model looks like it will have no more "bounce" than the real couplers have and if you have the point at the front of the coupler box pin the coupler will center. I think the new coupler will satisfy the people who object to the "bounce" and we will have to see how difficult it is to install in various models.  LocoDoc

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That's a great shame. I had hoped that this would a) retro fit the 714 as a drop in replacement and b) eliminate the 'bounce' altogether. The potential for sales to RailLine and BS owners must surely have been a consideration. But if the conversion involves hacking away bits of an already perferctly good draft box, then I'm afraid I'm not interested.

Lost opportunity IMHO

Mark K

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