Re: Any narrow gauge news from the NMRA National Convention

Dale Buxton

No whisker springs on this car. Its a coil spring at the back end of the coupler, inside a metal loop that fits in slot behind the unique pivot post. It has about 1/32” of in-line play.

A home built pivot post Is certainly an option. But forget about spring loading the coupler if you do this. The as made pivot post is so unique in design that you can’t get the little spring back in behind a simple round pivot post without fully compressing the spring!

Last night I tried to do this many times on a Blackstone boxcar and I simply could not get that little spring in the slot it was supposed to go into!

On the spring bounce issue. This is still an in-line springing system. There is about 1/32” of play at each coupler. So 1/16” play at each car end. I have not mounted any of these yet to test the amount of spring bounce in a train.

Dale B

On Thu, Jul 18, 2019 at 12:21 Dusty <> wrote:
What would happen if you used the short scale head coupler on a Blackstone car. Add your own post farther back to couple closer. Would the 'whiskers' have room to function width wise?

Is the 705 bounce less than the 71x bounce?

I wonder if Kadee had any idea how many people find the Hon3 split coupler bounce annoying.

Dusty Burman 

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