Re: Back to the Good Scale!


Al, I spoke to Jim weekly, and I miss him too!
Jim would be very happy to hear you’re modeling in Hon3.  

On Jul 17, 2019, at 4:31 PM, Alan Lautenslager <alan.lautenslager@...> wrote:

Ever since I retired from CVP Products and moved out of Dallas I have been floundering around as to what scale to spend my time in. I have everything from Z scale to G scale and they all that their pros and cons for me. In going thru some boxes the other day I came across one that made me choke up. 
Jim Vail use to call me about every 3 weeks at CVP just to chat and give me hell like only Jim could! He keep bugging me about going into HOn3. I told him I no longer had a motive power but still had lots of rolling stock. The conversation for that day ended from a grunt from Jim. About a month later a box showed up at my house. Inside was an unpainted Westside Models C-25, a painted and re-motored PFM RGS #20 and a factory painted Westside Models C-16 #268 with back head detail and instrument motor ( All sound installed by Jim). He called a few days later and told me I had no excuse now not to be modeling in Hon3 and wished me a happy retirement. It was not too one that he was gone.
Having come across those locos sealed the decision for me. I will be starting on a small HOn3 layout in honor of Jim. Although the only times Jim and I got together were at the conventions we did spend a lot of time on the phone. Conversations that I will remember for a long time. 
Damn I miss those calls.
Regards - Al ( CVP Products retired )

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