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Duaaaaaa, yes you are right, its MV markers.  I should know I probably have a dozen or so installed on Shays and other locomotives.  I was a PFM SSII person with three units on last layout.  I got dragged into DCC while I was working for American Airlines at DFW.  I joined the Texas Western Model RR club and they had all Digitrax.  Not knowing a darn thing about it I got a Chief II set and started reading the books.  If it took a 3 day brake on the railroad I had to reread the book.  I was getting so frustrated with the Digitrax I was about to trash the whole kit and kaboodle  It was then that I went to the Hickory NC NNGC and took my Blackstone K-27, C-16, and concor Goose.  I had never seen them run.  I stopped at Blackstone and asked them to run them explaining my story to them.  They said put them on the track which I did and they handed me their NCE controller.  I just looked at it and said I don't know anything about this and they said see that roller, roll it.  Well son of a gun, my train moved, and made glorious sounds as well.  I liked it so much I purchased an NCE starter set right then and there.  After getting home I had changed the Digitrax out and replaced it with NCE in less than 15 minutes.  All my stuff worked, my Tortoise machines worked with the Switch 8.  I was sold.  The PFM's returned to the closet.  Now I have boosters, two NCE controllers, 6 plug in stations and 37 tortoise SMs all being run by the NCE equipment.  I wanted to run trains, not fiddle with a computer and NCE let me do it.  I have perhaps 300 Brass locomotives all in cases, and all I run now is Blackstone and the CC on the HOn3 and Bachmann Spectrum on the HO which is fine with me.
I do have to say that it was people like you that were the leaders that confused the crap out of people like me.  We were stuck in the DC mind set and got good at it.  Times change and so did the equipment.  I am going up to TN next week to install NCE stations on a buddies large layout as he only uses one station.  I think he will like it much better being able to follow his trains.  Thanks for all your innovative work........and patience with old farts like me. hahhahahaha

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No - CVP is the company that put command control on the map when we introduced the CTC16 system in the pages of MR back in the mid 70s. We followed that up with the Railcommand system which was the first all digital system. Then in the late 90s we introduced the EasyDCC system. A few years before I retired I came up with the idea for the AirWire 900 system.

MV I believe was the company doing the curves lenses.

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