Re: New addition to RR building Now 20x46 feet

Lee Gustafson


I admire and respect your commitment, dedication and energy to the hobby. I remember reading that John Allen excavated a portion of his basement for his railroad you are in the same category when it comes to building space for a layout. Take care and please keep the pictures coming. Best wishes.

Lee Gustafson

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The second wall is now ready to pour so I'll mix concrete and fill the wall with concrete in the morning.
Then just one last wall and I can build the floor and the building and then the RR ADDITION
 Gad what a lot of work for the hobby ....
  But I get to expand the Standard gauge and give it quite a run.  I really can't wait.
Something about the roar of S standard gauge rolling through the RR....
 Gets me every time.

Steve Hatch    ( getting excited again)

Second Stem Wall and footing.

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