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Mick Moignard

I needed some gears making recently.  I have several PSC/MSM brass models which were made with very soft brass worm gears driving a nylon-type plastic gear. The brass worm wears badly - though it took 18 years of operation on my C-21 to wear the worm out.  Locodoc says he has a solution for this issue but it requires gearbox modifications, and as I’m in the UK I just didn’t fancy sending gearboxes to him.  So I dug around here and found HPC Gears,, who made some new worms for me, using my measurements and also the worn worm.  These are in steel. So far I’ve fitted two, the C-21 and a PSC/MSM K-27, and they're just fine. I’ve even had the C-21 apart again and minutely examined the spur gear, and there isn’t a mark on it, or on the new worm, so I feel that was totally successful.

Why am I writing this?  I too have been a longtime NWSL customer. They didn’t list the specific worm gear needed here, so I looked elsewhere and found that it’s not hard to get custom gears made, and made properly.  My only issue was the cost,  because I had just 10 made.  If I’d had 200 made, they’d have been a lot cheaper each, but then I’d have had the cost and hassle of marketing the 190 or so that I don’t need.  Bottom line really is that if you really need them, you can get them made.  

By The way, when I say expensive, I mean GBP 68 each, for the 10 I had done, but compare that to having to retire a $750 engine.


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