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Another good trip to plan is a visit to the Mt. Rayonier RR site.  I have been to both and as a "gear head" I was not disappointed at all.  One in the east to go and see is the West Virginia one, forgot the name though, some large mill (that burned down? but the camp town and Railroad are still there.

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I was lucky enough to visit Roaring Camp for the first time last Sunday while on vacation with the family. We road the 3' gauge Redwood train with their 40 ton shay and had a great time on the switchbacks and that one grade that is near 10%. The Heisler was out when we got back and it took the next Redwood train out. First time I ever saw a Heisler running so it was a special day. What a blast! Why wife and daughter even gave me a few minutes to rummage around in the yard where the Climax is disassembled (as well as another Shay). The Climax trucks were sitting out and it was really cool to see the ring and beveled gear arrangement on the axles up close. Picture below.....

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