Re: MDC HOn3 2-8-0 kit identifications


Pre 1998 have the larger motor, brass wheels and for outside frame have all metal. 
Post 1998 (mine is in bigger red box) has plastic outside frame, silver wheels and a smaller motor with flywheel.
ps looking for an inside frame 2-8-0 kit in case you have too many :) 

On Jun 28, 2019, at 9:05 PM, Mike Conder <vulturenest1@...> wrote:

With the closing of NWSL soon, I want to get a few regear kits for my unbuilt MDC kits.  NWSL has a couple of different kits, including one that doesn't fit pre-1998 lits.

But how does one tell which are pre-19998 and which are post-1998?  Are all brown flat boxes pre-1998?

Any help would be appreciated ...

Mike Conder

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