hon3 collection labelling

Brian Kopp

I need some suggestions. I have enough of an HOn3 roster that a couple shelves of a Greenway Products display case are full. I have the info about each loco in an excel file with an item number for each loco. So the issue I need suggestions for is how do you like to label the individual locos for identification if they are on display in the case away from their boxes? I know for some of you this is not an issue because you can identify the makers on sight. But I am still learning to identify them and also thinking about the future if my wife or someone else had to handle the collection as it grew (hopefully someday to a second Greenway case).....I have tried string tags and also sticker circles on the bottom of the loco or tender but I am not really happy with either. I was thinking about putting velcro on the front edge of the shelf and using little velcro number tags at the shelf position, but I hate to cover the cherry wood of the Greenway case....

Thanks in advance,
Jacksonville, FL

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