Re: K-28, was K-36 and K-37

Mick Moignard

Um. I think something is wrong here.

Carefully measured from the railhead, I get:
Westside K-28: 8'7" inches

PSC/MSM K-28: 8'6" inches
United/PFM from way back: 8'7"
That's a long way from what Jim Spencer suggests for the models he measured.   I don't have a DP K-28 to measure.   I do have an MMI On30 K-28, and that is also 8'6" from the railhead at the front of the sand dome.

My copy of the K-28 folio is in NG Pictorial V XI, page 189, and is the 1923 version.    It gives no height for the boiler top, and the boiler centre line measurement is indistinct.  However, the K-36 folio - from 1925 -  does show a boiler centre at 84 inches and diameter - tho not clear if that is over the lagging or not, of 72 inches.  So 84+ (72/2) = 120, or 10 feet to the top of the boiler. So I also measured a PSC/MSM K-36 in exactly the same way as for the K-28, and got 9'6".   That difference of a foot between K28 and K-36 seems about right to me, but is way less than the folio suggests.

Which then is wrong, models or folios?  .  All the K-28 models I own and have seen are all pretty much the same height - as are the 36s?   So: are the models wrong, or are the folios wrong, at least for 1940s or 1950s models?  Could the measurement of the boiler center line have been made with the boiler empty, because the loco certainly would be taller than, but surely not by 6 inches?  

Measurement: using a scale rule and a crossarm on it using a sqare to make or horizontal, I first measured from baseboard to railhead (1 scale foot), then from board to top of boiler in front of the sand dome, and then subtracted the board to railhead distance.  I'd give my measurements +/- a scale inch or maybe two, but the bottom line is that measured that way, the three K-28 models I measured are basically identical.    

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