Re: K-28, was K-36 and K-37

Jim Spencer

Thank you for clarifying the boiler diameter issue. My fellow members at the Slim Gauge Guild agree as well. So I stand corrected!
On my original comparison of the 3 “good” K-28s (PSC, DP and Westside), I was able to find a Division Point K-28 to measure. Though difficult to truly accurately measure, this model’s boiler top with lagging stands about 9’- 4” off the rail head. If I remember correctly, the folio shows it at 9.2’ without lagging. Adding, say, 1 1/2” for lagging and the jacket, would put it at about 9.325’ high. That appears almost identical with the Division Point model. So I think it reinforces my contention that the PSC and Westsides are too tall and the Division Points are the best. It also has all wheel pick up and runs superbly. This one had a Tsunami 750 with beautiful sound. Sadly I forgot to take a photo or video of it operating.
Must be losing it!

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