Re: Tie Spacing

Bill Lugg

Not sure of the right answer from a prototype prospective, but if I
might offer a general suggestion...

Take a look at  These
things aren't that expensive and they're great for laying out a strip of
ties that can then be glued in place.  You can select the jig with the
appropriate amount of misalignment you desire and I found the branchline
jigs have ties spaced further apart than the mainline jigs.

They will speed up the process significantly.

Bill Lugg

On 5/29/19 7:56 PM, David Hunt wrote:

I looked through the group archive but didn't see a discussion of this

I'm getting ready to start hand laying the track for the HOn3 portion
of my layout.  When looking at pictures of the D&RGW between Antonito
and Durango in the late 40's and early 50's it looks like the ties
aren't spaced much farther apart than the width of a 5"x7" tie.  Many
ties seem to be placed even closer than 7" apart.  This is quite a bit
closer together than the ties on the Micro Engineering flex track that
I used on my last layout.

This surprised me a bit.  What are the experts here in this group
using for the spacing between their ties?


Dave Hunt



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