Re: K-36 and K-37

Jim Spencer

Though this is an HOn3 site, since it was brought up, here is what I know about these NJ Brass M-67/78 models: 

They have two serious discrepancies:  1) the cylinders are too short, and 2) the tender is too tall and too short. 

On the tender, I wonder whether the builder went out and accidentally measured an M-75 tender that is taller and shorter.  Some were still on the railroad during the late 1970s and used for various MOW purposes.  When Berlyn came out with their versions, they actually offered correct tenders separately in order to correct the NJ Brass problem. .....but then the Berlyns had their own serious problems with an incorrect pilot, grossly oversized main rods, and overly large number boards - all correctable.  Interestingly the M-67/78 4-8-2s were among the most numerous standard gauge D&RGW locomotives, yet they have never been done correctly. 

Again, not narrow gauge.

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