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Thanks Mick (and Dale and everyone else too) for the insights on details of the brass locos. There is so much to learn, but that is the fun of it for me. I only have one K-28, a PFM I bought in 1999 at Peach Creek Shops in Maryland for $425 (too much back in 1999?). But I would like to buy another one or two and be a smarter buyer this time.....

here is a picture of the PFM K-28

Brian Kopp

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It’s probably a mid-60 one.  There is no real comparison to the Westside, the Westside is a far better model
- spoked drivers
- finer motion rods
- better castings - and more of them
- properly done running boards, no unprototypical chequer plate
- much better drive, and while the Namiki motor isn’t up to much, it’s a 10 minute job to change it for a Mashima, at least while one can still get a Mashima.
- detailed cab interior
The Westside isn’t perfect. It’s modelled on the 1960 or early 70s locos as they were then with the power reverser and the tender coal boards.  Easy to fix tho. Personally I think the PSC 1994 MSM-made model (don’t confuse with PSC reruns of the Westside in the 80s) is the best K-28 model made. Better than the 2001 Division Point. Almost as rare but cheaper when you do find one.


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