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Brian Kopp

I am curious what tells you it is a PFM vs a WMC?

Brian (novice collector)

On Fri, May 24, 2019, 10:14 PM Dale Buxton <dbtuathaddana@...> wrote:
It gets worse. The loco is actually a PFM K-37 from the early 60's and the tender  is a a Westside  K-27's from a modern slide or piston valve model from the late 70's. All in a Westside K-37 box. On average, the asking price is about $400 over what the model is worth to a knowledgeable buyer. If it in fact had all the correct pieces for a PFM K-37. This has to be an estate model that got all the components switched around when it was last sold. We are seeing more and more of that these days. Modelers passing away and widow's not knowing thing one about their late husband's collection. In come the estate reapers that know just about as much as the widow. This seller has some of the most over priced second hand models I've seen this year. I wish him luck.

Dale Buxton

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buyer beware!

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For your final exam check Ebay for 'k37 hon3'. Is one really a k36 with a k27 tender?

Dusty Burman

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