Re: NJ Custom Brass C21 Remotor?

Brian Kopp

My pleasure Craig. Nice to meet you.
I was talking with Dave Hoffman on the phone a month ago or so and he too is moving to these ultra-cheap DC motors. He reminded me of a website I know about, being an electrical engineer, that sells surplus electronics including motors: Allelectronics out in Los Angeles ( Just before posting this I went to their website and they have about 45 different DC and geared DC motors, many for a $1 or $2. They even had a stock of used faulhaber 1624s with a 22:1 gearhead attached for under $8 each. I almost fell off the chair. I have some Minebea's on order from ebay for late June delivery but I ordered a used faulhaber from allelectronics just to see what it would do......


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