Re: NJ Custom Brass C21 Remotor?

Pete C

Hey Bill
I am part of the R&RG group and I can vouch for those Minebea motors along with the Mabuchi SF-266SA.
The Minebea are 15mm square and the Mabuchi is 18mm square.
Both are very quiet and powerful for their size and rival many coreless motors.
The Minebea do not have integral capacitors while the Mabuchi do have them and can play havoc with some decoder BEMF but can be tweaked to work well. I remove them before installing.
I put one of those 15mm gems in several switchers and a couple smaller engines like a Hallmark C-21 and the performance is assume.
If there is room for the 18mm it is my “go to” motor for everything except the larger road engines and articulateds. Is typically use a 22x30 Maxon A-max class motor.

In summary those 15mm and 18mm motors are well worth the $2 bucks.
I have a stash of 40 of each.


On May 21, 2019, at 10:42 AM, Bill Lugg <> wrote:

A couple of general thoughts...

First, I sent an order to NWSL back on 15 April for parts for a remotor
project and have yet to hear anything from them beyond a confirmation of
my order, so my guess is they are swamped with orders right now and may
be right up to the end. If you order something, expect it to take a while.

Second, I just joined the RepowerAndRegear group and posted a question
about repowering a Westside loco (SG). Several folks recommended the
Minebea 12 VDC 6500rpm 6-pole motors (use "Minebea DC 12V 6500RPM DC
Motor 6-Pole Rotor Large Torque Mini 15MM Square motor" to search on
eBay). They run about $2 a piece and the folks on that list claim to
have had good luck with them. FWIW, there is a thread covering BEMF
with these motors and DCC decoders that includes a post from Craig
Symington. I figured for the price, it's worth a try. Also, they are
recommending Hobbytown of Boston as a source for universal joints.

Bill Lugg


On 5/17/19 9:04 AM, David Keith wrote:
I have what I think is a C-21 by NJ Custom Brass. It has a large
"pittman-like" motor. I do not have the original box. I never did.
I have a note, that it might be a balboa?

Has anyone remotored and regeared the NJ C-21? With NWSL closing, I'd
like to get fresh gears and motor now as they might not be available
when I start the project.

Dave K.


David Keith
Cincinnati, OH

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