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Mark, Yes, I’m still here.  I’m not as active in contributing as before, but there are subjects of interest which catch my eye.

To build up gradual weathering, a barrier is needed to seal and protect one weathering stage, from the next.  A Barrier’s is applied after each stage of wash.  

I use model master paints because they thin with scalecoat, but are not strong enough to attack my barrier.  As any paint, they dilute to a fine wash and can be steered to create lines, spots, stains, or build up of grime.  Oils work exactly the same.  Obviously with oils, the higher quality the paint, the better the wash.  

Regarding the lacquer.  I believe mine is an acrylic lacquer.  At least that’s what the thinner states.  However I’m not sure if my clear is acrylic or not.  No label on the can.  

The best way to find out if it will work is to paint a sheet of brass with a primary paint ( the paint you will use to paint your model).  After it’s dry, spray it with the clear you wish to use as a barrier.  If the clear does not craze the primary paint (the engine or rolling stock color), proceed to the next step.  If it does, you may have to find a stronger primary paint.... more on this later

If your barrier did not craze primary paint; proceed to spraying a dirty wash (diluted earth colors on the test piece).  Then apply a wet brush of scale coat and begin to clean off the dirty wash.  As you attempt to wash off the spray paint.  If the clear begins to lift or craze as you brush the dirty wash, then your clear is not strong enough and must find a substitute.  

Even though I use the thinner for washes, Scalecoat is not a good primary paint.  In my experience the clear does not adhere to it’s surface, and it just peels away like a decal.  PBL is one of my primary colors and so is true color.  My clear does not attack/craze the paint.

Hope this helps.

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I do have your Email address but you're a television star now and I wondered..... Heck, I'm sorry mate, I never thought to get in touch direct, I will next time. I have a couple of questions for you but the main drive of my quest was to find an equivlalent of Scalecoat 1 in this country which I think I might have. It's called Sansodor and made by Windsor and Newton. It's called a low odour solvent.

The Automotive clear lacquer that you use, is it cellulose based or an Acrylic, because the only clear automotive lacquers that I've found are Acrylic? Will that work?  If you're using Testors enamels why do you need a barrier coat? My understanding about oils is that if you brush on thinners the paint softens to the point where it can be removed which doesn't happen with enamels because once dry they're 'locked'. So the clear coat locks that wash down. Or am I missing something here? (Probably am!).

I think the video certainly sparked an interest but didn't provide all the answers. As for the military mags, I agree but I have yet to find one which banners "NEWBIE SPECIAL" on the cover. It was from one of these that I discovered Abteilung paint as a means of good wood representation.

Glad to see you're still on the list - we've lost a few good'uns since moving from Yahoo. Lets hope they find us again. And of course there are those who have handed in their dinner plates.

Mark K
Oxon England.

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