Re: Abteilung weathering.

Mark Kasprowicz


I do have your Email address but you're a television star now and I wondered..... Heck, I'm sorry mate, I never thought to get in touch direct, I will next time. I have a couple of questions for you but the main drive of my quest was to find an equivlalent of Scalecoat 1 in this country which I think I might have. It's called Sansodor and made by Windsor and Newton. It's called a low odour solvent.

The Automotive clear lacquer that you use, is it cellulose based or an Acrylic, because the only clear automotive lacquers that I've found are Acrylic? Will that work?  If you're using Testors enamels why do you need a barrier coat? My understanding about oils is that if you brush on thinners the paint softens to the point where it can be removed which doesn't happen with enamels because once dry they're 'locked'. So the clear coat locks that wash down. Or am I missing something here? (Probably am!).

I think the video certainly sparked an interest but didn't provide all the answers. As for the military mags, I agree but I have yet to find one which banners "NEWBIE SPECIAL" on the cover. It was from one of these that I discovered Abteilung paint as a means of good wood representation.

Glad to see you're still on the list - we've lost a few good'uns since moving from Yahoo. Lets hope they find us again. And of course there are those who have handed in their dinner plates.

Mark K
Oxon England.

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