Re: Abteilung weathering.

Mark Kasprowicz


Thanks for the reply. The problem I have is figuring what 'Scalecoat 1' is - that's the stuff Jerry was using. I've started using the wash/ clear laquer method but using acrylics like the cheap ones from Walmart though a few dealers in this country chrage about $9.00 for a 99 cent pot! I might bring some back with me to sell on Ebay. I'm in the process of converting a couple of Downtown Deco hydrocal two engine shed into the Rico engine house ie shortening the distance between the piers from three to two windows and so on and the Acrylic/ laquer technique is just perfact but I've not tried oils.

I don't have a problem with laquer thinner which is called celulose thinners here. They send it by courier and I have a gallon of it in the garage. I also use it for paint stripping and it's available in my local True Value in Hermosa as well. So no problem there. My thoughts about thinners has gone onto Ronsonol or lighter fluid and I might give that a try.

Yes you're right a lot of those paint products come from Spain. I placed an order with Abteilung on Thursday including their fast drying thinners. It will be here on Monday. As Jerry said in the video it comes in quite a small bottle so the plan is to find something similar that can be bought more economically.

Military modeling mags are the only mags I get these days except for the Gazette and Narrow Gauge World. The processes and finishes those guys come up with are extraordinary. For anyone reading this that hasn't had a look at the internet or magazines, take a gander and don't worry about what they're making but how they're making it. You might be pleasantly surprised!

Mark K
Oxon, England

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