Re: Abteilung weathering.

Dale Buxton


I've bought the paints but I haven't used them on and actual model yet. But, I have investigated some other video's on Train Masters TV where other brands of tube oil paints are used. The central products in the painting process seem to be the clear lacquer and its thinner. You put down a thin coat of clear lacquer, let it dry 24 hours and apply the oil washes. Let the oil washes dry 24 hours and then repeat both steps until you get the results you want. The idea is to build up weathering colors in ultra thin layers, while protecting the previous layer with barrier layer of clear lacquer. The thinner used for the oil paints is not strong enough to attach the clear lacquer. 

There must be a brand of clear lacquer and its thinner available in England that you could use. For years in the US automobile lacquers were used for painting brass models. Those paints have been mostly pushed off the market for environmental and health reasons. Mark if you personally could find some, in the US, I'm pretty sure  international law restricts them from being shipped to England on anything but a ship. If they are not outright illegal in England to begin with. Shipping chemicals in the air has become so difficult since the creation of IATA. But, if you really have your heart set on using Jerry Spolema's methods, the way he does it. The next time you are in Colorado I can show you where to get some automobile lacquer and thinner. Both shops are not too far from DIA. 20 miles or less. 

On the other hand. Abteilung, MIG, Andrea and Vallejo paints are all coming out of Spain. You're far closer to there than most of us. There must be some EU hobby dealer that can help you with some of this.

As far as the oil paint thinners go. Abteilung makes an odorless thinner for its oils. But so does Humbrol and Winsor Newton. Both of these brands are made in England. They are marketed as Oderless Tupinoid.

I agree with you strongly Mark. The military modeling people have a lot of quite inspirational ideas.

Dale Buxton

On Wed, May 15, 2019 at 12:56 AM Mark Kasprowicz <marowicz@...> wrote:
I saw an article in a UK military modelling magazine showing how to represent aging wood using Abteilung oil paints - very convincing. Then I saw the BrassTrains video with JC and Jerry Spolema using the same brand of paint for weathering. Finally I spoke to a few modellers who used oil. they too praised the paints.

Anyone here tried it and if so what were your experiences? And which thinners did you use - drying time is the issue and though Scalecoar 1 thinners was recommended it's not available here in the UK.

BTW I find some of those military modelling mags are quite inspirational.

Mark K
Oxon, UK

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