Re: K-36's Choices

Mick Moignard


Your experience of decoder/motor hum is exactly opposite mine.  Loksound 4's that I have make the motor on an ESU test stand hum at small throttle openings,  and make the motors hum in some 4mmm scale diesels I have - a Bachmann LMS 10000 and a Dapol class 68.  Admittedly these are not coreless motors.  

The TSU-2 (or Econami) decoders I have fitted just don't do that, either on the ESU test stand or in any of the upwards of 200 locos I've fitted them to, which includes several with coreless motors including the Maxon in my DP 36. No motor hum, though the Maxon motor is not entirely silent on DC either.

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