Re: K-36's Choices

Mick Moignard

Jim is right about the Overland 36s.  I have two, and they’re basically as good as the PSC 2002 ones.  Same builder, same design, but PSC updated the details a bit, and offered all 10 factory painted.  The Overland models are all bare brass, and do carry some late DRGW/C&T details such as hangers for more modern retail frogs.  But great locos nonetheless.

I have just received a box of custom made steel worms for these MSM models, not opened it yet.   I will be trying one out later today, in a C21 that has worn the worm out.  Note that they do take more than20 hours, more like 100 to wear out. And the idler gear is undamaged in this model.


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