Re: K-36's Choices

Mick Moignard

You can remotor Westside K-36s very easily with a Mashima 1624, 1626 or 1628 for a lot less than the Locodoc kit and for very good results.  Takes all of 10 minutes to do and the only hard bit is unsoldering the worm from the old motor holder.  These motors are still available if you look around, dealers in the UK still have some sizes in stock.  Once done, the model runs very well, quietly, good platform for sound and long trains.  I also think that the Mashima motor runs more quietly than does a coreless motor, which matters if you’re adding sound.

However, if you are a strict detail and prototype nut, the Westside’s boiler is a tad fat, and of course it is a generic model.  That said, they’re still great choices for HOn3 K-36 models, only beaten by the PSC 2002 run (not the 84 run; that is the Westside model again), and possibly the 2019 DP model.  


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