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Lee Gustafson


Beautiful work and model building. Thank you for sharing. Take care and best wishes to you.

Lee Gustafson 

On Apr 19, 2019, at 2:26 PM, Margie & Larry Galkowski <margielarrygalkowski@...> wrote:

Hi guys;
Since there has been talk of health & modeling I hope this is motivational.
I had a work accident back in 2001 which left my right hand with just my thumb & 1/3 of my little pinky, yes I am right handed.  Being a mechanic by trade I try to find tools that aid me in my work.
Since I freelance it makes  scenery  more simple to do. No particular place.
I have scratch built buildings such as the machine shed & barn. I have built rolling stock kits like P. S., Rio Grande Models. Evan things like a Holt  Crawler & custom built turnouts. I use modeling for therapy & take my time & often get frustrated then I sit back & think about it & catch my breath.
See some attached photos of what I talk about. Just a few so not to bore you all.
Thanks for listening.
Larry G

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